Swamp Dragon Railroad

Swamp Dragon Railroad by Otter1


Some reader know, Frau VanSchneider (sister of Lady Sybil / Ankh Morpork) runs an asylum for homeless swamp dragons near Kraehwinkel / Germany.











To bring food and visitor in, she aquired a small diesel locomotive.

It runs with batteries and Remote Control. chief engineer is Igor, one of the local multi talents.


Here is a typical food train coming in late in the evening. 


What, you can´t see a thing? So here is more light: 



A typical food load. Fresh peat and some oil products. It is very easy, to make swamp dragons happy. 

The small rail tractor and the wagons were built from kits and painted at the Kraehwinkel workshop. 


Get some basics about swamp dragons here:  https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Swamp_dragon



That gentlemen with the mallett is the local Igor. If he is not assembling models, cutting the lawn or creating figures, he comes around to sing lullabys for the swamp dragons.  


Actually he taught Mike Knopfler and Chet Atkins how to operate a guitar. Until a few years ago, his name was Dr.Deadly and was a re-released 1 : 13 plastic kit from the Seventies.


Another attraction on the swamp dragon railway. Healthy peat bathes on rails:


The dragons are responsible for the comfortable temperature of the mud. A job they really love. Mainly if lovely young ladies are the customers. 



Some goods or passenger cars had special compartements for dogs. Guess what we transport in these wagons?



JZ / Otter1